Top Quality tools are essential for the install of resin bound,

Resin bound screed sledge.

The 24” Resin bound Screed sledge has been developed for fast effective laying of resin bound and Screed materials. 

This Must have tool will help you to lay consistently with greatly reduced physical effort.

Resin mixer funnel, Baron, Soroto mixer attachment , resin bound tools

Resin Funnel. Fits Barron and Soroto Mixers

Our easy to use Resin funnel has been designed for resin bound installs and is a must have tool for every installer useing a Baron or Soroto Mixer. You will speed up the process and keep your work area and tools clean,

Get every drop of resin

Finally a place to hold your paddle Mixer to prevent trip           hazards

Mobile Welding Services Northwest

We work closely with a team of specialist welders based in Darwen that offer a full range of welding and repair services, ranging from a last minute Emergency repair, onsite structural steel alteration, and small repairs. If you need a product manafactoring, speak to our team about volume.