Weather permitting Resin Installs

When planning to include Resin Bound Paving the weather can play a part. Cold conditions can have an effect on Resin bound installations, and many don't realise is that in areas of extreme heat, this may also be problematic.

Although not often in the UK, we experience hot weather, it has brought to light some of the difficulties that may be faced when attempting to lay resin bound stone outside of the optimum conditions.


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     Weather Permitting Resin Installs

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    Within your project here are some things to bear in mind when it comes to the Weather Conditions:

    Hot Weather...

    •  The mixture and will decrease/get thinner as the temperature increases. 
    • Resin Bound can only be placed in temperatures of 0⁰C and rising -Most resins used for resin-bound stone are designed to perform at their peak at 23 degrees Celsius  
    • It has a controlled curing time
    • Once the temperature increases the Resin becomes too thin and ultimately will not hold to the aggregate as expected, this will cause the stones to get loose over time and fundamentally mean that the installation will require repairs.

    Cold Weather...

    • Resin bound needs to be installed during dry conditions.
    • Once cured, rainfall will filter through, meaning no puddling or standing water.
    • Frost will not damage the paving itself. Any water which freezes between the voids of aggregate will sit within the surface until they melt away.
    • When the surface is icy, salt can be used to thaw the ice
    • snowploughs are not recommended, but snow shovels can be used to clear the area

    Some of the Benefits of Resin bound

      • It can be laid anywhere in the world
      • The Resin used is UV stable.
      • Once cured, the temperature will not affect the use and durability of the product.
      • Once cured, rainfall will penetrate through the material, meaning no standing water or puddling.
      • In frosty conditions, salt can be used on the surface conditions and will not cause any damage to the paving
      • Snow shovels can be used to clear the area. However, snowploughs are not recommended.

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