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So you have decided to have a resin bound stone driveway, patio or pathway, the next step is to consider the design features. With the help of Resin Install, this page details the methods and materials used to add extra details to your quality resin bound surface.
The demand for extra detailing on these driveway installations is growing, as people want to add individuality to their stunning driveway.

Resin bound stone requires an edging to run up to in most, if not all cases. Blocks have been the most common choice; however, there are now several options available on the market to suit individual budgets and desired looks.
You can choose level edgings in contrasting shades to achieve a strong bordered look making your driveway stand out from the rest. Or you can section off a more generous driveway into several zones, by using contrasting colours and thoughtfully placed edgings that offer parking and driving area.

Choosing the right edging to help you maintain the good looks and durability of your driveway is essential, and many of the options detailed below will work with almost any driveway.

Commercial resin bound paving

Aluminium edging

Aluminium edging tends to be the most inexpensive option; however, this does not mean that it lacks quality. It provides a level, modest border that is both beautiful and functional since it acts so perfectly as a practical edge. Not only this but this particular trim can act as movement joints and therefore defend against expansion or cracking within the sub-surface.
Aluminium trim is available in both straight and flexible edging, it can fit any shape and therefore be used to facilitate any design possible by creating a border separating coloura, allowing the customer to personalise their project with perhaps a logo, symbol/motif or even lettering.

Commercial resin bound paving carpark

Block Edging

Block edging, while slightly more expensive than aluminium trim remains cost-effective and is the popular option for both domestic and commercial applications. This is used to provide a sharp edge to your driveway or patio and can be used in several creative ways to become a focal point or just a beautiful decorative feature. They offer a range of choices in terms of design, colour and style. The blocks are hard-wearing so will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Many of our customers opt for blocks due to their low maintenance characteristics just like resin bound stone, and the cleaning process is simple and singular blocks can later be lifted and replaced if required.

Granite Setts

These are the more costly compared to block edging and aluminium trim; however, it is a clear winner in terms of both strength and character. In principle, granite setts are stone that has been quarried and worked into shape. Although they are not as uni-formed as blocks, they create a look that adds style and an exceptional finish to both contemporary and traditional properties.
Recognised for being resistant to damage from the elements and heavy traffic, and due to it's natural colouring, there is no risk of fading. This paired with the full range of finishes and the potential for design customisation make granite setts the perfect finish to any project. This type of edging will genuinely stand the test of time.

Paving Slabs

To make a visual focal point to your installation, not just as an edging tool paving slabs can be used similar to bricks as a flexible edging or to be creative. You can use flexible edging to create patterns within your desired space, but as this is a lightweight material, so it's not sufficiently strong enough to act alone on a drive, so usually used in conjunction with the options above.


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resin install Commercial resin bound paving
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Commercial resin bound paving 1
Commercial resin bound paving 1
Commercial resin bound paving
Commercial resin bound paving 1
Commercial resin bound paving 1
Commercial resin bound paving
Commercial resin bound paving
Commercial resin bound paving 1
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Commercial resin bound paving
Commercial resin bound paving
Commercial resin bound paving 1

Existing walls

Reducing the amount of edging you will need you can use a sturdy existing wall to lay your resin-bound up to, therefore not needing to choose an edging type.

There are also options to edge your steps available in different sizes and colours to meet your needs.

There are many beautiful ways to use various types of edging within your installation, whether your project is modern, traditional or contemporary, with added focal points.

Access Covers

A more aesthetically pleasing approach to access covers such as Stop Tap boxes, Manholes, Cable Ducting Covers would be to replace existing covers with recess tray covers which can then be in-filled using the resin bound material. This helps give the covers less instantly visible within the streetscape while still maintaining accessibility.

However if you want to avoid using anything more than hidden aluminum strips, resin bound is your best bet. Good looking, simple, durable-and fully SUDs compliant to ensure a flawless, flood-free surface. 

You can’t ask for more than that!

Read our blog on edging and block paving (here).

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