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Driveways are the first thing someone sees as they arrive at a house, and it's usually one of the first images that can make or break the curb appeal of a home. It's no wonder why homeowners are quick to find a solution to a cracked, irreparable driveway.

When thinking of paving a new driveway, homeowners assume the process involves breaking up the current concrete or tarmac in order to lay down new, smooth surfaces.

When these words start leaving their mouths, this is where you can introduce to them the convenient, eco-friendly, easy-on-the-pocket solution of using Resin Install Resin Bound Overlay.


Instead of breaking down your existing concrete or Tarmac and disposing of it, homeowners have the option to save the waste, save time, and save money.

With less equipment needed to break up stubborn driveways, homeowners should find the Resin Install resin bound option to be the best choice for the bank.


If you notice that your clients are using their driveway to park their eco-friendly car, then they'll want to hear about the environmentally friendly option of a Resin Bound application. Our paving compounds are made with locally sourced materials derived from quarries that harvest resources responsibly. We're determined to bring green ideology to the toughness of a client's driveway, courtyard, pool, playground, or any surface that they walk on.

Not only does Resin Install use eco-friendly resources, this paving option is also helping prevent flooding and erosion. We can assure you that your clients have never categorized their driveway or pathway as something that gives back to the water cycle. In fact, when you think of street and walking surfaces, you think of drainage, gutters, and water running down the street.


When a client chooses Resin Installs Resin Bound surfacing they are choosing to help the efforts in flood and erosion prevention. That's something a client can do with little to no effort, seeing as how low-maintenance Resin Bound has proven to be.

18mm custom resin bound Commercial overlay completed by Resin Install Ltd
18mm custom resin bound Driveway overlay completed by Resin Install Ltd
18mm custom resin bound Driveway overlay completed by Resin Install Ltd
18mm custom resin bound Driveway overlay completed by Resin Install Ltd
18mm custom resin bound Driveway overlay completed by Resin Install Ltd
18mm custom resin bound Driveway overlay completed by Resin Install Ltd

Overlay paving is cost-effective, time-saving, and environmentally friendly. It is definitely worth considering for your next paving project.

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Need a new resin bound Driveway in Lancashire / Greater Manchester / Merseyside or Cheshire, Nation Wide resin bound installs are available subject to size.

Consider Resin Bound The fastest growing surfacing application in the last 5 years. Over 50 stunning mixes to choose from locally sourced stones to imported marble from Spain and Italy all installed to perfection by time served installers.

Simple same day resin bound overlays nationwide on Tarmac or concrete driveways and paths. that require no ground works.

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