Rubber Crumb & Safety Flooring

Rubber Wet Pour – Playground System.

Safety Surfaces And Rubber Wet Pour Surfacing.

Resin Install Rubber Wet Pour Systems provide a safe and durable surface which dramatically reduces the chance of injuries whilst providing an attractive play area for children.

Our Rubber Wet Pour System … dramatically reduces the risk of litigation from playground injuries”

Our Rubber wet Pour Soft Fall has minimal seams or joins and is incredibly flexible. It can be installed in a huge option of colours with the option to dye sections in bright fun colours to make your favourite patterns and games or even your organisation’s colours.  Wet pour is constructed from millions of rubber fibres which provides a cushion like feel underfoot.

Suitable for Schools, Shire Councils and Early Learning Centres, the Rubber Wet Pour System provides a bright, attractive and fun play area that meets all the Critical Fall Height requirements of the British Standard.


Benefits of Rubber Saftey flooring.

  • Slip-resistant
  • Impact absorbing
  • Durable
  • Continuous surfacing
  • Requiring minimal maintenance
  • Versatile and flexible in design
  • Extensive colour range
  • Adheres to British Standards

A slip-resistant flooring which provides a cushioning surface. It is impact absorbing and is commonly used in children's playgrounds and outdoor areas (eg. pools, tennis courts, walkways). It can also be used in bathrooms and other indoor areas. Available in a variety of colours.

Playground flooring installed in Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Nationwide.

British Standards have strict safety requirements to protect children from falls in the playground.Our rubber underlay is certified to meet those safety surfaces for play areas requirements and we top it with either fun-inducing colour or muted natural tones to blend with the environment.

Aged Care Safety flooring installed by Resin Install Nationwide.

EPDM is perfect for transition spaces in aged care facilities. It's anti-slip, it has no joints to trip over, and it can also have a softfall underlay making it even safer in the event of a fall. Contrasting colours may be used to highlight hazards such as steps and edges.

Wet pour rubber saftey surfacing Installed Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside & Beyond.

Resin Install is a reputed safety surface specialist, providing a cost effective rubber flooring or softfall rubber surfaces throughout the UK. Our softfall rubber surfaces and flooring have been installed in Gardens, public parks, schools, childcare, care facilities and community centres across Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and across the UK.

Our rubber flooring is a low-maintenance and heavy duty surfaces that can be used in the high traffic area. We offer guaranteed quality and long-term durability for your Rubber safety floors. The rubber surfaces are available in a very broad spectrum of thicknesses and colours to meet all budget range and specifications. No matter, whatever your needs are.

Rubber Safety Surface Basic Installation Process.

The 4 Stage Installation Process

Stage 1 - Excavation

Site excavation may be required prior to starting the sub base layer to achieve a finished surface level.

When replacing existing softfall mulch with a new rubber surface it is important to excavate down to a firm base ensuring to remove all loose mulch. Typically the softfall mulch will be at a 300mm depth.

Stage 2 - Sub Base

The Rubber Flooring Wet Pour system is applied to concrete or Tarmac, where restricted by budget or site-specific requirements, cement stabilised  sub base. We recommend the following;

75mm Concrete 25Mpa

Reinforced with mesh

25mm C Class Rock sub layer

100mm B Class FCR

3% Cement Stabilised

It is essential that the sub base been firm and stable to ensure the longevity of the Rubber surface.

Stage 3 - Impact Attenuation Layer (when applicable)

Certain installations require a dual layer system, incorporating a cushioned layer to achieve a fall height requirement or simply for added comfort underfoot.

Stage 4 - Wearing Layer

Applied in either our RPCR (recycled) or EPDM (synthetic) products, the wearing layer is the resilient top layer with the versatility to create custom shapes and designs.

Maintaining Your Rubber Wet Pour Safety Surfacing In The UK.

The periodic removal of pollution should be the only maintenance necessary for your rubber floor and this can be effected by power washing or the application of a standard cleaning detergent, a copious amount of water and brushing with a stiff broom.

Surfacing located beneath trees, may attract moss. Any proprietary pathway moss killer should be employed but care is needed in its application because of possible hazard to children.

The most common forms of vandalism are burning with a small cigarette lighter or with fuel assistance and graffiti painting. The latter cannot be erased and the best remedy is to paint over with a matt finish industrial floor paint. Burnt areas will need to be cut out and patched by the supplier. Small holes can be repaired using a repair kit from the original supplier and cracking can be sealed with a glue gun.