Site and Prep Works

prepared sub base for your wet pour

Current tarmac and concrete surfaces can be overlaid with wet pour rubber once the level of the outward boundary is reduced to form an adequate key or tie in point. When overlaying tarmac or concrete, the surface must be dry and clean. A primer should be applied to a concrete surface to ensure the resin bonds and also to the verticals to guarantee a firm bond.

Stone, grass and soil areas need to be unearthed to a fair depth of 200mm. A retaining edge should then be introduced. Usually, a 150x50mm path edging followed by 150mm of MOT type 1 stone sub-base, then compacted well useing vibrating wacker or roller machines to form a level base. The wet pour rubber can then be laid directly over the sub-base.

if rubber mulch is currently in place before a successful softfall surface is applied, a properly prepared sub base is essential such as above.

Resin install can remove the existing bark, mulch, turf and topsoil and install a compacted surface ready for the installation of the safety flooring

We also offer sand pit development.

A sand pit can involve a masonry boundary on concrete footings, timber sleeper building, or simply consist of an excavated depression with the surrounding surface down into it for a seemless transition to the sand.

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