How to write a winning quote

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How to write winning quote

Quoting new work takes time, and effort writing them can be very time-consuming but will maximise your chance of winning the work, meaning less chance of wasted time and effort.
Although very few businesses enjoy quoting and costing new work's, it is essential for keeping your business flowing. Quoting is a critical tool to the customer for deciding who to award the work to, it gives the customer peace of mind, sets the expectations on what you're delivering from the start.

 When should you write your quote?

Paperwork is usually the number one frustration amongst any business. Although it is safe to say that invoicing and getting paid isn't that frustratin "Money makes the world go round" so they say. So the majority of the frustration must stem from writing the quotes.

Studies suggest 84% of customers are frustrated with the speed and quality of quotes from companies. 

"Be patient with your impatience"

So if you are spending time, make sure it's got a good chance of paying off.

When should I write my quote for my customer?

Creating a fast quote is a chance to show how you will operate, give you a competitive edge, and save you less stress by freeing up more of your time.

Think about how you are currently quoting. Does it fit into your day? The chances are, you're busy surveying new work, then creating your quotes once you're home in the evening? Or worse, you may be letting quotes throughout the week build up until the end of the week. 

This meaning you need to find time to sit down to complete more quotes or estimates all in one go – at the expense of switching off or spending time with your family. Also meaning you're quoting for work when it's not fresh in your mind, which runs a risk of forgetting some details.

Think how much easier if you were quoting for the bulk of work whilst surveying it? 

Or within a few hours?

You could be getting quotes made without losing your social time, meaning you're not stressing yourself out by stockpiling paperwork to complete at a later date, plus your customers would be super-impressed. 

 Being able to produce quotes promptly needs just a little planning and using some smart tools.


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Some top tip's for homeowners to avoid rogue tradespeople:

  • Never accept a verbal quote. Always get a written quote obtaining details of the costs for the brief.
  • Don't get fooled by low quotes. It is easy to give a low estimate initially to attract business and then put the price up later. But bare in mind Low prices might result in lower quality goods and services too. Go with a tradesperson you trust to do a good job rather than one that gives you low prices.-Get a contract specifying the terms.
  • When you are appointing a tradesperson, ensure you have a detailed payment schedule. 

  • Some contractors charge for a quote. Resin Install offers free no obligation quotations. Ask about this first. 

  • Try and get written quotes from at least three different companies before you decide. Compare the quotes' Look at what materials are being used. The skills and knowledge of the team, this will help you to determine if you are getting a fair price.

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