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Resin Install supply and install rubber mulch playground flooring and pathways for recreation areas.

Resin Install specialises in the supply and install of rubber mulch services for outside playgrounds and recreational areas at schools, nurseries and parks in the UK. This rubber safety cover is perfect for people and businesses on a budget and wants to save for the more expensive option of Wet pour safety flooring. Ideal for use in muddy playgrounds or around timber activity paths as it gives a natural looking surfacing choice which still defends children from injuries when using play facilities.

Our professional team of rubber mulch installers have been installing Playground Rubber Mulch flooring throughout Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond for well over 10 years successfully.

Rubber bark playground surfaces Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond.

Our rubber play bark is a non-toxic rubber and is 100% recyclable rubber. Our suppliers manufacture the rubber with superior technology. We prepare it with an application of a robust polyurethane colour coat compound. This produces a rubber bark that does not compact or diminishes yet gives a long lasting rubber mulch with excellent drainage that mirrors rubber bark. Our teams have been Installing rubber bark surfacing for well over 10 years. Our teams Ensure they install on a variety of depths and sub-bases in accordance to fall zones and CFH’s.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recommended the use of rubber play bark when introducing safety surfacing in children’s play areas.

How it Works and how we install rubber mulch!

The coloured rubber mulch comes in 10kg sacks, and the resins come in 25kg drums.


The ratio we work to is very straight forward each square metre of 50mm depth needs 20kg mulch and 4kg resin.


We mix the rubber mulch using one to 3 large 120l forced action mixers at any one time depending on the size of the area to be completed. The mixers are specially designed for mixing the rubber and resin thoroughly.


The best mix of mulch to resin should be a 5:1 ratio.

Specific Laying Method for Resin Bound Rubber Mulch!


Rubber mulch and the specialist resins are transported to site in 10kg bags of rubber mulch and 25kg barrels resin. To mix correctly, we use a specialist forced action mixers and timed correctly.


Our teams Prepare the ground by levelling the current base. We then lay a weed resistant membrane over the soil or stoned up area. Edging can be used if required, or we can taper into grass etc.; otherwise, the edges can drop into a “V” channel dug out at 45 degrees.


We Make the rubber mulch mix by placing 2 x 10kg bag or 2 bags if you are blending colours in the mixer. We ensure a full weight of the resin binder from the drum goes in a measuring jug. The ratio is 5:1 by weight or 5:1 by volume (1kg = 1.1liters). Add 4kgs of resin to each 20kgs of mulch. Let the rubber and resin mix for 4-5 minutes. Pour straight from the mixer or via buckets or barrows to the area being worked on.


We use a gauge to ensure a consistent depth. It can be tampered to the ground usually to 50mm. Do not compact/squash it. This part is a fine art to ensure your finished rubber mulch surface is as flat as possible. A two-person qualified team could install in the region of 100sq metres per day. Our teams combined can install in region 500 sq meters per day if required.


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Rubber Mulch installers UK.

Resin Install has long been Rubber Bound Mulch specialists throughout  Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond for well over ten years successfully, and we are kitted out ready to install any size of area to the highest quality and within the necessary safety standard required. Our installers are CRB approved and experienced in operating in controlled environments such as schools, Nurseries, Building sites and public places. Our teams will do all the necessary groundwork making using levelling tools including diggers, laser levels, rotavator, vibrating compactor, membranes and 120 litres forced action mixers to mix the rubber mulch and resins thoroughly together.

During our experience, we have grown to understand all the techniques and possible pitfalls for working with any ground that's thrown at us, including all drainage, falls and tree root problems.  Just present us with the dimensions and specifications of everything you require, and we can give you a quote within 2 minutes of receiving your enquiry.

Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs

Resin Install also offers yearly inspections to assure your playground surface maintains the correct level of protection.

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Playground Surface Installers in Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Beyond

We are highly skilled and experienced playground surface installers who have a fast amount of years of experience in the industry and can offer the very best value for money within our industry.

The UK, our rubber flooring system, is specially created for children’s play areas. This system gives a dependable, safe, fun and long-lasting surface ideal for playgrounds, schools, nurseries, pre-schools, Garden play area and other sport or recreational areas, were a soft fall floor would be required.