Critical Fall Height and Surface Area

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Wet Pour Critical Fall Height and Required Surface Depths

We can install your wet pour playground flooring in various depths to meet several critical fall height specifications. The (CFH) changes on how high the play apparatus is in the area and the current sub-base. Usually the higher the play apparatus, the deeper the wet pour must be. The critical fall height alters to make sure that kids don’t get hurt if they happen to fall off your equipment.

The depth and area of the wet pour playground safety flooring depend on the Free Fall Height of the playground apparatus with the Critical Fall Height of the rubber surface.

The wet pour surface measurements on this page are a result of accurate testing and apply only to the wet pour surface materials resin install will use for your playground surface.

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Wet Pour Surfacing Depth

Free Fall Height is a measure of a distance separating a play surface and the protective surface under the top layer. Critical Fall Height links to the impact attenuation of the surface wet pour rubber material and is “the highest height from which life-threatening head injury would not be assumed to occur.” Therefore, the fall height of the equipment should not pass the critical height of the surface in the design of playgrounds and the type and depth of surfacing used under the equipment.

Free Fall Height is measured from the spot at which the feet can stand and not the top of the playground apparatus.

Many pieces of equipment have coverings and roof stops, so the measurement is not taken from that point but where the child would be standing at the highest point while playing. if you require more information regards seesaws, swings etc. call our team for a more in-depth understanding 01254 492043 or contact us via email at

The diagrams below will give you the critical fall height our teams will work too, and the minimum thickness of wet pour safety surfacing that must be installed.


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