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Will weeds grow through my new resin bound surface?


The short answer is ''no'' - resin-bound stone does not allow weeds to grow up through the sub-base and thus up to the surface. Resin bound is created by mixing stone aggregates with a specialist resin before being hand trowled on top of a suitable sub base such as tarmac or resin. Resin bound surfaces are SUD's compliant, meaning the water is drained immediately, no more puddling and pooling or a build-up of algae, and because the resin bound surface is crack-free, there is no room for weed growth!

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How to write a winning quote


Quoting new work takes time, and effort writing them can be very time-consuming but will maximise your chance of winning the work, meaning less chance of wasted time and effort.
Although very few businesses enjoy quoting and costing new work's, it is essential for keeping your business flowing. Quoting is a critical tool to the customer for deciding who to award the work to, it gives the customer peace of mind, sets the expectations on what you're delivering from the start.

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How much weight can a resin surface take?


Classy, good-looking, and tough!! Resin bonded aggregate paving is becoming more and more popular for paving projects for both commercial and domestic properties. This paving option is not only attractive the other qualities it has makes it a clear winner. Read our blog here Resin bound vs tarmac.

The stone aggregates are mixed with a high-quality, specially formulated binder (the resin) and then hand trowelled for a smooth and even finish.

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Tarmac VS Resin bound


At Resin Install, we support customers in designing their driveways before we install for businesses and private homes. We offer advice and can provide you with a free quotation. 

We believe in the 'ring' resin bound is the 'hands down' winner when compared to tarmac. 

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Can I do my resin driveway myself?


On Anual leave? Goy some spare time?Us Brits tend to spend time on home improvements and D.I.Y. 

When it comes to D.I.Y. resin bound gravel paths, patios and driveways, these jobs should NOT be done D.I.Y as they need specialist equipment, someone with awareness of resin and trained experts to ensure it is laid correctly. The problem with resin bound is that there is a lack of understanding as to how you install it, what it is, how much it should cost and how long it should last.

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How to choose a driveway company


Want to install a new driveway? You need to ensure you choose a reputable company.
There are many driveway contractors out there who seemingly offer the same product and service. However, it would help if you were confident that the driveway company is the ideal fit for what you are looking for.
To help you choose the right contractor, here are a few tips:

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Why choose resin for your garden patio projects


Are you thinking of having a makeover in your current backyard or garden? Why not contact Resin Install. We install top quality resin bound surfacing to customers across the UK.

With a wide selection of colours and finishes, it is the ideal material to design your unique garden or backyard.

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How Long do Resin Bound Driveways last?


Resin Bound paving is individually of the most popular and in-demand choices as it is a modern type of outdoor surfacing, offering more benefits. Resin Bound is more aesthetically pleasing, and it provides much more than the other techniques can.
So what are the benefits?

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Weather Permitting Resin Installs


When planning to include Resin Bound Paving the weather can play a part. Cold conditions can have an effect on Resin bound installations, and many don't realise is that in areas of extreme heat, this may also be problematic. Although not often in the UK, we experience hot weather, it has brought to light some of the difficulties that may be faced when attempting to lay resin bound stone outside of the optimum conditions.

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What Type of Edging Can I Use for my Resin Bound Paving


So you have chosen what colour you are going to use and have decided to go ahead with your project. Have you imagined what your finished driveway is going to look like? Think about the extra touches you are going to use to complete your project?
No matter how big or small your project is, it's the little touches that can turn an excellent finished product into a fantastic product. 

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The Significance of a Great Driveway


At Resin Install, we understand the importance of a beautiful driveway being the main focal point of your property. This should not be undermined. A driveway is the central, focal point of the front of your home, a well-designed driveway adds charm to your property and can be crafted to complement the existing features of your house and front landscape. 

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss a driveway as merely a place for cars. 

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Driveway Plans for Small Homes


Our stunning resin drives will transform and instantly update your property. All of our driveways are custom-made to fit your property perfectly, ensuring that they effectively complement the style and era of your property.

Your driveway provides the first impression of your home; investing in a quality driveway will improve the look of your property as well as letting the property age with ease.

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How to Measure a Driveway Like a Pro


When starting a new garden or driveway project, it is important to correctly measure the space you are working in.  Taking careful measurements in the planning stages will help to keep the costs of materials to a minimum during the construction phase and reduce waste.

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Common driveway scams and how to avoid them


The driveway industry is full of professional businesses, but unfortunately sometimes customers can get scammed by unreputable traders. 

We are asked to inspect and rectify so many bad driveway jobs that we have put together this list of common scams and how you can avoid them.

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Resin Driveway trade install Preston


The follow Resin Driveway overlay Preston, Layland project was completed on behalf of a Trade client (Drive Revive) who has used the Resin install trade service on many occasions over the last few years.

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If your a builder, Why aren't you using Resin Installs porous paving solutions


If you're a builder, you have to try to balance all aspects of a project. You need to make the finished product look clean and attractive, but at the same time you have to try to bring it in on-time, and under budget, if it's at all possible.

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Renovate now with Resin Installs Resin Bound Paving



It is tricky to work out which renovations are most likely to increase the value of your assets. External paving can have a massive impact on your property's kerb appeal. Old worn surfaces such as a tired driveway, scruffy and worn paths can be very off-putting and decrease the value of your home.

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Three benefits of resin bound overlay paving from Resin Install.


Beginning a paving project can be a daunting prospect. It can be complex, time- consuming, and expensive. Some of these worries can be reduced, however, if you choose to use the resin bound overlay paving method.

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Why so many professionals use Resin install for their porous paving solutions.


Resin Install porous paving can provide you with a durable, low maintenance system which not only looks great but is fully permeable! With increasing restrictions on hard to soft landscaping, this system will ensure your project is approved and negate the need for long term maintenance funds.

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Resin bound overlay: Cost-effective  solutions for your clients


Driveways are the first thing someone sees as they arrive at a house, and it's usually one of the first images that can make or break the curb appeal of a home. It's no wonder why homeowners are quick to find a solution to a cracked, irreparable driveway.

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Build your customer base with quality Resin Bound Solutions.


Many builders are using Resin Installs skills to provide their customers with cost-effective paving solutions for everything from commercial car parks to residential driveways.  Subcontracting the work to our teams and making money in doing so

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Resin bound overlay: Cost-effective  solutions for your clients


Driveways are the first thing someone sees as they arrive at a house, and it's usually one of the first images that can make or break the curb appeal of a home. It's no wonder why homeowners are quick to find a solution to a cracked, irreparable driveway.

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