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Resin Install supply and install excellent playground flooring and pathways for recreation areas.

Wet pour rubber safety surfacing helps reduce the chance of injury to children who may fall or trip from playground facilities, or who slip while playing. Made from recycled components, our wet pour rubber surfacing solutions are robust and durable. Available in a variety of designs and colours, they take playground play to an entirely new level

Whether you need to stimulate creativity through colour and design or mix in with the background, we have the playground flooring surfaces for you. With safety and environmental matters always at the forefront of our mind, we are continually improving and sourcing innovative products to cover all circumstances.

Our professional teams of wet pour installers have been installing Playground flooring, Rubber Mulch and outdoor rubber flooring throughout, Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond for well over ten years successfully.

Three simple steps to a brand new rubber wet pour rubber surface.

1. Design development

As each playground is different, every wet pour idea is too. We use our experience as we create an outdoor rubber flooring, an outdoor play area that correctly satisfies your playground and your setting, and UK British Playground Standards too.

2. Site preparation

Our in-house prep team will firstly build a firm base for the Wet pour rubber to be installed on. If we are replacing a soft fall solution, all loose mulch or rubber is removed.


3. Wet pour installed

Our experienced Professional wet pour installers work to the design specs as they install the wet pour rubber flooring, including forming any custom patterns and meeting significant fall heights.

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Wet pour rubber flooring is created from shredded rubber from old tyres, which is restored to produce flooring that delivers a cushion-like texture underfoot. Rubber flooring is used in a broad range of applications where protection and durability are paramount — including playgrounds.

Resin Installs safety rubber flooring is shock-absorbing and slip-proof. It is versatile, very flexible in design, and available in a variety of colours – we can even colour code a solution to suit your brand. Our rubber flooring meets British Playground Standards. It is very cost-effective as it requires minimum maintenance meaning it doesn’t need the ongoing attention and refills that soft fall products, such as bark chips, can demand.

Resin Installs Playground flooring department has partnered with experienced rubber flooring manufacturers that delivery of our wet pour rubber flooring products. Our wet pour and soft fall suppliers use the newest in world-class recycled rubber production technology to save tyres from landfills and turn them into quality, British-made rubber flooring. It’s an eco-friendly solution that can help to decrease your carbon footprint.

Choices include wet pour solutions that can be directly applied over broken paving, tarmac, crush and run or concrete, and that can endure the use of outdoor fittings and wheelchairs.

Resin Install can help you to determine which wet pour flooring is the right choice for you, your business and take care of all of your edgings and landscaping that may also be required.

Rubber mulch, Rubber bark surfacing throughout Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond.

The rubber mulch surfacing is an attractive alternative to wood chips. Giving a soft, impact-absorbing surface for play areas, it is an excellent option for a mixture of settings including playgrounds, children’s play areas, nursery gardens, schools and parks. If this is what you are looking for, you don’t have to look any further! We have a large selection of safety surfacing, sure to cover all your needs. Our professional team of rubber mulch installers have been installing Playground Rubber Mulch flooring throughout Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond for well over ten years successfully. To see more on Rubber Mulch (Click Here)

Rubber Mulch Surfacing holds many benefits. Not only is it eco-friendly, being made from 100% recycled rubber tires and naturally coloured, it also gives a soft surface for children to play safely. Also, because of the way it is coloured, rubber mulch, rubber bark is nontoxic and stain free. It is splinter-free, and it does not rot, mould or decompose, so you can be sure it will stand and stay in shape and form for a minimum of 10 years.

Wet pour rubber safety surfacing Installed  Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond.

Wet pour playground flooring is becoming more and more common for schools, nurseries, care homes and play areas, as there are several different advantages of this flooring specification. Please continue reading this page for more details on costs, specifications and the benefits when compared to other playground surfacing types. If you would like to contact us regarding a playground flooring project, you may have, fill in our contact form given or call 01254 492043 / 0800 7723586 and we will respond to you with all the information you need.

SuDs, Sustainable Drainage Systems Installed by Resin Install.

he wet pour safety flooring we install is an environmentally beneficial porous flooring solution for Playgrounds, footpaths, rubber driveways and car parks for both residential and commercial markets. Fully SUDS compliant, we use a blend of resins to bound rubber to create a sub-base to soak away the water.

The voids in the sub-base drain the water naturally back into the water table, stopping flooding. We then use an aggregate in a colour of your choice mixed with resin and bond it on to the rubber sub-base to prevent breaking and shifting. The result is a beautiful, virtually maintenance-free finish.

In the UK we dump over 48 million tyres every year. These tyres are no longer permitted into landfills and present a significant environmental dilemma. Resin Install helps with this ever-growing problem by applying at least three recycled tyres per square meter in the sub-base of our rubber crumb sub base.

 Play ground flooring Installed Nationwide By Resin Install.


Cheap Playground flooring Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond.

Wet pour rubber surfacing is a blend of rubber granules joined together by a polyurethane resin. This is then laid on existing tarmac, concrete or MOT stone foundation to give a continuous rubber surface free from joints. It is profoundly impact-absorbing and excellent for outdoor play surfaces and can be laid in any shape or pattern available in a comprehensive form of colours. Popular usages are sporting facilities, pathways, schools, childcare facilities, retirement homes, golf courses and walkways. Our teams install wet pour outdoor rubber flooring throughout Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond.

Fast 1 & 2 day wet pour play ground overlays in Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire & Beyond, By the best in the business.

Wet pour surfaces are ideal to be installed over the top of a current tarmac or concrete surfaces, significantly reducing the cost and time to install to one or two days. We have two main teams at Resin Install, our resin wet pour installers and landscape and subbase preparation teams all with years of knowledge in each sector, without the use of our landscapers and sub-base team the cost is reduced.

For large wet pour, surfacing overlays 300 to 700 sq meters can be installed per day with our playground flooring teams combined if needed. Due to no groundworks required, the process is straightforward for our teams. Though the edges can still be excavated and installed, allowing the rubber wet pour mixture to be applied to the right depth, this adds around one to two days. Or we can install a wood or aluminium bead edge the most popular option.

Rubber Surface Installation Process.

4 Stage Install Process below is a basic overview to give an example.

Stage 1 - Excavation
Site digging may be needed before starting the sub-base layer to achieve a finished rubber surface level.

When replacing existing soft fall mulch with a wet pour surface, it is essential to dig down to a solid base assuring to remove all loose rubber mulch. Typically the soft fall mulch will be at 300mm deep.

Stage 2 - Sub Base
The Wet Pour system can be applied to tarmac concrete or, were restricted by budget or site-specific requirements, MOT stone sub base.

Stage 3 - Impact Attenuation Layer (when applicable)
Specific installations require a double layer system, incorporating a cushioned bed to achieve a fall height requirement or solely for added comfort underfoot.

Stage 4 - Wearing Layer
Applied in either our RPCR (recycled) or EPDM (synthetic) products, the top layer is the flexible top layer with the versatility to produce custom patterns and designs.

For more information regarding rubber wet pour safety flooring look through our site or please get in touch with one of our specialists we are always happy to help, 0800 7723586 / 01254 492043 or Simply fill in our contact form and we will get back to you with more details on the installation and the costs involved.