Driveway Plans for Small Homes

 Driveway Plans for Small Homes 

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Our stunning resin drives will transform and instantly update your property. All of our driveways are custom-made to fit your property perfectly, ensuring that they effectively complement the style and era of your property.

Your driveway provides the first impression of your home; investing in a quality driveway will improve the look of your property as well as letting the property age with ease. Smaller driveways shouldn’t be disregarded for improvement, for properties with more limited scope that fit one car on, making the most of all possible space is a top priority, and these are entirely suitable for resin. If you think that limited space makes for limited driveway design, then think again. Even small driveways can have a simple yet innovative design such as setting a footpath running alongside the driveway for a clear, direct route to the front door.

     Key Considerations for Small Homes 

    Larger homes may be better in America, but here smaller homes make for charmingly cosy conditions. All prices are approximate and based on a total area in m². Costs of Resin bound are decided by colour, aggregate size and your location. If you are considering an upgrade to your driveway, please contact us for further advice on the base preparations and colour options.

    Once the base is prepped, this size installation is easily completed in as little as one day.  

     -Overall Purpose

    Firstly, decide on your driveway’s purpose. For those in rural locations, durability is the dominant factor. For those in high-density, urban areas, parking’s the highest priority.

    -Drainaige Dictates

    Another key consideration for small homes is driveway drainage capacity. Poor drainage unavoidably leads to slippery surface conditions, which are not only undoubtedly dangerous, but legally contentious as well.

    As of 2008, stricter stipulations came into play, in response to localised flooding. Put simply, the new legislation states that all new and replacement paving and surfacing over five square metres should either be made of permeable materials or should direct run-off water to a porous area or surface nearby.

    -Climatic Conditions

    Finally, although we hate to admit it, the weather undoubtedly plays its part in determining your surfacing solution. For Northern parts of the country, colder conditions are inevitable, making materials that are subject to the freeze/thaw phenomenon best avoided.

    These include tarmac, concrete and, (in some cases), insufficiently sealed surfaces.

    Final Touches

    So you’ve made your driveway decision, and now it’s time to add those final touches. We take a glance at some smart driveway ideas for small homes, allowing you to reach maximum effect, with minimal effort. From fuss-free border plants to edgings with maximum impact, here are a few shots of inspiration to inject some extra appeal:

    -Edgings and Boarders 

    Give your driveway the edge over your next-door-neighbour, by investing in edgings and borders. There are a variety of options available, all of which help to create varying levels and contrast, making for a neater area, that reduces overall maintenance as well.

     -Low-Voltage Paver Lights:

    Though not such an urgent problem in Summer, in Winter, darker evenings a lack of lighting makes it far easier for invaders to tiptoe about your property unseen. In terms of safety, it can be challenging, particularly if you or your family are unsteady on your feet. In order to reduce concerns, low-voltage paver lights are a viable option. Subtle and practical, they add a necessary glow without any unnecessary glare.

    -Planting Pointers:

    Are you tired of tending your garden? Low maintenance lawns and shrubs provide the ideal alternative, allowing visual design and privacy from peering eyes.

    Are you desperately seeking driveway ideas for small homes?

    Want to add a touch of style? Resin offers a diverse array of designs-and a diverse range of benefits to match. For a complimentary no-obligation quote contact us today. 

    Nation Wide resin bound installs are available subject to size.

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