Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Services

Thermoplastic Paving Marking Services 

Resin Install has been providing high quality paving for over ten years. Resin Install uses only the most reliable, durable, high-quality materials using the latest technology for road markings. We offer thermoplastic services for both commercial and domestic projects. For decades, thermoplastic has been the favoured material for roadway lines and industrial signage thanks to its durability against high traffic and harsh weather conditions. This hardiness results from a unique blend of binders and resins that, when hardened, become a tough and highly reflective material. 

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  • Multi-story car parks
  • Car parks
  • Airports
  • Business and retail parks
  • Disabled bays 
  • Walkways and footpaths
  • Sports courts and mega pitches
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • designated parking bays
  • Electric charging bays

We offer Thermoplastic striping services on all properties and roadways for owners looking to maximise durability

Thermoplastic line striping ensures that your parking lot visibility will increase. Thermoplastic markings and striping can be used to mark various things, like directional arrows, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and parking spaces. Thermoplastic striping is highly visible, creates organisation for traffic flow, and reduces confusion.

Thermoplastic striping is the best way to avoid collisions or injuries inside your business's parking lot by making markings on the pavement. In comparison to the conventional painting of parking lots, thermoplastic striping takes a longer time to install. Still, the benefits show the high visibility produced, meaning that everyone entering your parking lot will be safe.

Safety first, of course, but another winning aspect for thermoplastic striping in your parking lot is the fantastic durability that you will get. Not only will thermoplastic striping be very easy to see, but it will also be more durable than conventional paint. The thermoplastic marking will make a bond that will be hard for any vehicle to destroy. This is due to the mixture being heated and then applied to the surface. It will stay durable even after being used for many years.

Our process of installing Thermoplastic line striping

You will notice that thermoplastic marking will not fade like the more traditional line marking paint used in most parking lots. This means that thermoplastic striping will be more resistant to any damage when it rains because the water will repel off it, the same when encountering outdoor elements such as ice and snow.
Lastly but not least, significant skid resistance! Living in the UK we get plenty of rain; you will want thermoplastic marking in your parking lot as it will provide better traction to the vehicles driving on your parking lot when going over the thermoplastic marking. Thermoplastic marking is used for various applications like runways, intersections, and other areas with heavy traffic. When you have looked at all of the different benefits of thermoplastic, you will want to contact Resin Install to see what we can do for your parking lot. Our contractors are available to help you make the best decisions, like layout, crosswalk locations, and traffic flow directions, to install thermoplastic striping in your parking lot.



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The thermoplastic line striping application requires special equipment and training if the results are to be attractive and durable. At Resin Install, we have the training, equipment and experience to apply thermoplastic markings successfully. Also, we offer asphalt paving, asphalt repair. We give friendly, approachable, and quality-driven professional service that consistently delivers our professionalism and delivers the highest quality, honesty, and reliability on each job. For a free quote, please fill out the online form or call our Resin Install team on 01254 492043