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Here at resin Install, we will always advise Resin bound over any other surfacing product solely for the many benefits it provides (Listed Bellow), but not every customer wants a resin bound surface and wants to save a few pounds per sq.meter. Our Lancashire tarmac teams have well over 15 years installing Tarmac, bases and top coats.

Tarmacadam ('Tarmac') has traditionally been regarded as a functional, robust and attractive driveway surfacing. It is popular because it is generally cheaper and requires much less maintenance than block paving with no need to weed or re-sand over the years. 

Recent formulations and heavy duty SMA (stone mastic asphalt) assure a hard wearing surface expected to last for many years under normal domestic conditions. 

Resin Install can design and construct your drive from scratch, or replace, repair or resurface your existing driveway. A site visit and written quotation are free, and we always recommend the best options and specification depending on your demands.

Why Choose Tarmac for your Lancashire Driveway?

Tarmac surfaces Lancashire provide a cost-effective resurfacing option that is solid and durable and simple to maintain. Tarmacadam can be laid onto existing concrete or Tarmacadam areas provided the surface is suitable. If the current surface is not appropriate, we can fully dig out the area and put a new sub-base and top coat.

Options available to suit your current landscaping or preferences include:

  • Red or black Tarmac is available
  • Block paving borders with Tarmac infill
  • Decorative chippings rolled into the surface
  • Mixed finishes – part of area laid with Tarmacadam & areas laid with alternative surfaces, e.g., Resin Bound, blocks or natural stone flags and cobbles

Highly Durable and Long Lasting

When tarmac is laid correctly by a team of specialists like Resin install, it is a very reliable surface that will be resilient for many years to come. Tarmac is a very common choice for areas that are expecting a lot of traffic regularly by heavy loaded vehicles.

In the case that you and your family own several cars, a tarmac driveway will be a great material to use for a driveway or courtyard. Easily able to endure heavy loads, this driveway solution will not falter under pressure and will maintain its smooth finish.

On top of its proven endurance to traffic without getting damaged or cracked, tarmac is also able to withstand the adverse climate of both extremes. From searing heat and severe cold to downpours and more, you do not have to worry about tarmac being negatively affected. Thanks to its smooth surface, there will be no holes or cracks that can be filled by rain as long as you use a company who understands the correct falls for your property.

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