How much weight can a resin surface take?

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How much weight can a resin surface take?

About resin surfaces

Classy, good-looking, and tough!! Resin bonded aggregate paving is becoming more and more popular for paving projects for both commercial and domestic properties. This paving option is not only attractive the other qualities it has makes it a clear winner. Read our blog here Resin bound vs tarmac.

The stone aggregates are mixed with a high-quality, specially formulated binder (the resin) and then hand trowelled for a smooth and even finish. This paving product is one of the strongest and most flexible surfacing options available on the market.

Is resin bound surfacing strong enough to take vehicles? 

The answer is yes! A correctly installed resin driveway will allow for the increased vehicle weight due to the way the mixture is formed and the hardness of the stone used, it is suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Resin is particularly beneficial for properties with more than one vehicle, or for those that need to store a heavy load-bearing car. Our mixes are laid to a minimum of 15 to 18mm and can take up to 7.5 tonnes, so considering the average estimated weight of a vehicle is 1.4 tonnes, and generally, large vans are around 3.5 you can see why it is a popular choice.  

With traditional driveways, especially with customers who drive larger 4x4 vehicles, often find that their drive starts to crack and badly fade in the places in contact with the most sun after a very short time. Our resin bound mix comes with a lifetime* colour lock guarantee, meaning our colours will not fade or change with the UV light.  Due to our ever-growing population, many families have more than one car and it’s useful to have extra parking spaces. Resin driveways can be tailored to all types of uses. We can extend your current driveway to create additional parking for you from un-used garden areas, keeping your cars within the boundaries of your property. This making thieves or vandals much less inclined to interfere with your vehicles. Another benefit from investing into a resin driveway is that it will add value to your property, enhancing the kerb appeal and you will get years of use. 

Resin bound is fastly becoming a popular option for car parks as it provides a solid, stabilised, and a free-draining surface suitable for cars, vans, trucks, lorries and coaches.

Many businesses and authorities are leaning towards resin bound paving as their choice of surfacing for car parks and private roads. Not only does resin bound look appealing compared to boring old tarmac and concrete, but the product is also environmentally friendly and fully permeable with super strength qualities.

Car parks not only need to be useful and practical, they also need to be attractive, reliable and cost-effective. A resin bound car park can serve you in achieving all of these requirements.

The porous benefits of resin bound gravel provide a free draining surface which allows rainwater to filter through the surface into the sub-base, usually open texture base coat tarmac.

With the right construction and drainage systems, a Resin bound car park can be part of a SuDS system through natural infiltration of the rainwater into the sub-base and backing into the grounds water table.

The use of tarmac, concrete or a porous plastic paving grid is commonly used to create a retained gravel sub-base surface. for more information on different and acceptable sub-bases for a resin bound car park base (Click Here)

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