Subcontract your Resin installs

Customers Want It, We Install It, Now You Can Offer It?


You may already know what subcontracting is. But let us quickly tell you what resin install could do for you and your business


The initial service provider (which is you)  is in control of the job but another provider (Resin Install ) does the work.


It is not just rules and instructions that are necessary to make a subcontracting process successful it roots to trust, confidentiality, and coordination. Our In-house team here at resin install have taken this point into strong consideration and has covered every angle.



To receive a trade resin bound surface our team requires you to provide our install teams with a prepped and a sound sub base along also waste disposal plans for plastic bag/buckets and pallets from the material order.


Commercial resin bound paving

Trust is important for the subcontracting partnership to flourish. To Have trust with both parties will offer us both more focus on achieving our goals = more installs.


Once you meet and see how our install team’s work, we guarantee you will be confident to give Resin Install repeat work and make good money in doing so.


Our trade office team wants to work with you as much or as little as you require.

We have designed a proven plan that's working for 100s of other businesses who are now subcontracting regular work to resin install and making over £10+ per SQ meter by doing so.


Equally important with trust is confidentiality. Due to tight competition in business, there are matters that should be kept confidential by both the lead and subcontractor. Disclosing private matters will result in a probable malfunction in the business. Thus, a problem will arise.


It does not just affect the lead contractor, but significantly the subcontractor.

We take client confidentiality extremely seriously here at Resin Install.


All are install teams are always run by a minimum of one Head Installer who understands that business is never discussed with our client's customers.


Proper coordination of the resin install project is highly vital in this business. Coordination gives both contractors the ability to be responsible with each other’s tasks.


Your trade account manager will work with you every step of the way when it comes to your resin bound install. You can communicate and send your trade account manager pictures of your prepped sub bases and requirements to You can also send images to your trade account manager Via WhatsApp or any of our Resin Install social media channels.


We always follow the simple measurement rule of adding 5% to you total SQ meterage of the area to be covered, for the simple reason of dips and uneven ground. We want to give you and your customers a perfect 18mm finish and this method will ensure that every single time!. Any leftover Resin or Stone will be left to the company booking the install.


Commercial resin bound paving carpark

Commercial Resin Bound Vs Resin Bonded. What is the difference?

There are two types of common external resin surfacing systems, with very alike names, often confused, the important thing to remember is; one is permeable, and the other is non-permeable.

Resin bonded’ is sometimes also used as a generic term for both systems. This can be misleading since the systems are very different.

Resin Bound: Resin bound surfacing mixes stone, quartz or marble and a clear polyurethane resin together; and is then hand trowelled onto a solid sub base, the size of the stone for this system ranges from 1mm to 12mm and every particle is entirely encapsulated in resin.

Resin Bond: Resin bound surfacing is made up of dry aggregate, which is scattered onto a resin base, with the excess swept off, to create a more rough, impermeable Typical stone size for this system ranges from 1mm to 6mm and can often become loose.

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Commercial resin bound paving
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Commercial resin bound paving car park
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