Will weeds grow through my new resin bound surface?

Will weeds grow through my new resin bound surface?

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Will weeds grow through my new resin bound surface?

The short answer is ''no'' - resin-bound stone does not allow weeds to grow up through the sub-base and thus up to the surface. Resin bound is created by mixing stone aggregates with a specialist resin before being hand trowled on top of a suitable sub base such as tarmac or resin. Resin bound surfaces are SUD's compliant, meaning the water is drained immediately, no more puddling and pooling or a build-up of algae, and because the resin bound surface is crack-free, there is no room for weed growth!
One of the most notable advantages of using resin bound for the surfacing is its low maintenance, attractiveness and durability. It is rebellious to weeds and requires little routine maintenance to keep it looking as good as new.
It is advised any debris is swept away with a stiff brush, and as long as you have a firm sub-base supporting the surface a light jet wash once or twice a year, weed growth can be virtually eliminated.

Suitable sub-bases for a resin drive

Instead of breaking down your existing concrete or tarmac and disposing of it, homeowners have the option to save the waste, save time, and save money by simply overlaying your old driveway path, patio or car park surface with resin bound aggregates. When considering a resin-bound driveway overlay, we will first examine if your existing surface is structurally stable. If any cracks can't be cut out and repaired, it is probably not good to resin bound overlay. If the current driveway moves below the new resin, this could cause your new surface to move or fracture.

With less time, equipment and materials needed to break up stubborn driveways, homeowners should find the Resin overlay option the best option for the bank. However, if the surface is not structurally sound and you attempt to cut corners on your project, you could find yourself with future issues. At Resin Install, we take care of the whole process and advise the best option for your property. If replacing your old surface is the best option, we ensure that all our surfaces are constructed to the correct depth and build-up, therefore meeting the requirements of any project.

Depending on what surface is already on your driveway and whether or not you want an extension to your existing drive, we can lay either a concrete or tarmac base to prepare for a resin bound finish.

SUD's compliant and water draining

A sustainable drainage system (SuD's) is intended to reduce the potential impact of new and existing developments concerning surface water drainage discharges.

As resin bound is entirely porous and Suds compliant, drainage patterns are replicated, allowing water to be released slowly back into the environment, meaning no algae build up around the edges of your surface. Due to the resin surfaces crack free approach, this means goodbye rainforest and the chore of de-weeding regularly.  

Cleaning your perneable paving to maintain permeability

Regular brushing (we advise every 6-12 weeks with a hard-bristled - but not metal - brush used in combination with a diluted household detergent) of the surface. There are circumstances, unusually in areas of heavy vegetation where the wind may blow tiny seedlings on top of the surface, which will then begin to germinate; however, the permeable and porous nature of resin bound stone fundamentally means that since the water seamlessly runs through it rather than settling that the seedling is essentially starved of water and the roots will therefore be unable to take hold. In addition to the application of a weed killer (1-2 times yearly) will prevent and remove these small growths from your resin bound stone surface and, as a result, will revoke the requirement for the laborious task of weeding.


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