Resin Mixer Funnel

Resin Funnel attachment for Baron and Soroto mixers

Our easy to use Resin funnel has been designed for resin bound installs and is a must have tool for every installer with a Baron or Soroto Mixer. You will speed up the process and keep your work area and tools clean,

Once the resins have been mixed simply hang your paddle mixer on the specially designed bars and have the excess resin drip into a empty resin bucket.

Then Place your mixed tub of resin upside down into the funnel and leave it to drain through one small area in the mesh helping with cleaning and ensuring you get every last drop.  Whilst the resin is left draining into the arrogates there is plenty of room for you to stack 4,  25 kg bags on the mixer to start getting the next  batch ready as normal.

Makes your job easier

Get every drop of resin

Control the mess of the resin

Easy to clean

Keeps your mixer and area tidy

Finally a place to hold your paddle Mixer to prevent trip hazards

Long lasting and cost effective

Fits all Barron and Soroto Mixers

Resin Mixer Funnels for sale £160.00 Each

Buy 2 Resin Bound Funnels for £300

Call 0800 772 3586 / 01254 492043

Resin mixer funnel, Baron, Soroto , resin bound tool
Resin mixer funnel, Baron, Soroto , resin bound tools