How Much Does A Resin Bound Driveway Cost

How much does a resin driveway cost?

The big question that many companies don’t like to talk about until you have met face to face with the customer for the 1st time and that’s what is the cost of a resin bound driveway path or patio. In this page we have put our 12 years of pricing up paving experiance onto one page. this page is updated every January. By 0800 7723586 

So whats the answer to what’s a resin driveway cost per sq. meter?. And that is it can be depending on size and base for as little as £55 to £90 per square metre for trade and commercial overlay options considering that the driveways current base is structurally sound. If preparation /groundworks are required to remove your existing driveway to add a new Tarmac or concrete base, or to extend your driveway you will be looking to pay £150 per sq meter for large straight forwrds jobs, and up to and even over depending on your location £190 per square metre for a brand new resin bound driveway, path or patio to be installed from start to finish by profecsionals, Call Resin Install today and discuss your project on 0800 7723586

If you're looking to extend your existing tarmac or concrete driveway, you can save money by only applying ground works to the extension and overlaying the current surface with resin bound gravel, again this is only possible if the existing surface is structurally sound. There is a lot to take into consideration when pricing a resin driveway path or patio. The prices we have quoted are for straight forward installs based in the North of England, some customers want one of a kind prestige driveway designs and patterns introducing, decorative edgings, Steps, separate coloured paths. Imported resin bound aggregates etc.; the extra price will be added to your quote.

Here at Resin Install, we like to stay competitive with the competition so if you get a price less than what we quote we will happily match depending if the quote is from a reputable company proven to be offering the same quality materials and workman ship. 

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Watch out for the Cowboys cutting corners on your new resin drive path or patio!

Be careful of companies turning your new dream resin driveway into a nightmare.

The Resin install team and partners have been installing resin bound gravel on driveways, paths, patios and car parks successfully all over the UK and Europe for over ten years. We know exactly how to lay resin driveways and have been teaching other companies the art of doing the job correctly for many years. Our team follows fundamental rule of thumb methods regards depths of driveway sub-bases. The depths of the resin bound gravel being installed should be a minimum of 18mm to ensure you get a resin driveway, path or patio that will last well over 15 years (please see our video library to see our resin bound installers in action ) 

Be careful of driveway companies that will charge less than the prices we have mentioned. They need to save money and cut back from somewhere. We have seen in the past this is usually saved by skimping on the materials, generally hidden under your brand new Resin drive, path or patio. This will only cause you problems in a few years or even months due to reflective cracking = Base movement due to weight your new resin bound surface can't handle, this will cause the resin surface to sink or crack. Another way we have seen and witness all too many times is they install the resin bound gravel at less than 15mm, in some sad cases we could see the tarmac through the resin, This will cause the product to crumble, If the true depths have not been installed correctly this will cost you a thousands in a brand new driveway. We recommend you use a company with an extensive portfolio of 100s of completed jobs, and positive resin drive reviews, our team have installed 1000s of projects over the years with a spotless record. By saving a few hundred pounds could cost you thousands, in the long run, do your homework!. 

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Install Resin Bound onto Block Paving?

Can I install resin bound onto my block paved driveway? This is a risky one due to the movement of the blocks under the resin bound surface, movement of the blocks will cause your resin bound surface to move or sink and in most cases crack. Every year we get asked from 100s of potential customers, how much will resin bound cost to overlay my block paving?, and we always advise that the blocks are removed and a brand new tarmac or concrete base is installed to ensure your new resin driveway will last a lifetime. 

Many resin bound surfacing contractors will offer you two prices when quoting you on an existing block paved drive. One rate would be to overlay the current surface, so you take a risk that the block paves won't move or sink, this is much cheaper however this may not include a guarantee, so it's important to check with the installer. If a warranty is offered don’t expect the company to be trading very long as this is a risky option for any company, the second price offered will be for the block paving to be removed and a new sub-base to be fitted before the resin bound gravel top coat is installed.


If taking the risk is what you want to do, the only chance you have got is if your block paving driveway is very old, well over eight years and sinkage has already taken place usually where vehicle weight has been sitting, we would personally add sand to the resin bound gravel mix to give extra flexibility, and by installing the material at 20 to 25mm for extra strength. Expect to pay more than a standard resin gravel overlay due to the added resin bound material needed.  If you want our professional advice, pay extra and have a brand new base installed so your new resin bound surface will last. 

Thank you for reading this artical. We hope we have given you a good understanding of the expected costs of a new resin driveway. Feel free to read through our website as we have put 100s of hours into creating content covering every angle and possible questions you may have in regards to having a brand-new resin driveway, path or patio fitted. If you go to a company with many years experience like the Resin Install team you will be in good hands from start to finish.
Always read reviews
Always look at the work portfolio
check online presence

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