Why choose resin for your garden patio project

Why choose resin for your garden patio project

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Are you thinking of having a makeover in your current backyard or garden? Why not contact Resin Install. We install top quality resin bound surfacing to customers across the UK.

With a wide selection of colours and finishes, it is the ideal material to design your unique garden or backyard. As resin bound is incredibly flexible, it can be moulded into curves, patterns and intricate shapes, allowing you to create bespoke designs the possibilities are endless.

Why use resin?

Unlike some paving products resin is weed resistant and provides a beautiful, uniform finished surface making it ideal for the construction of patios and paths. Another advantage to using resin as a landscaping product is it is a lot quicker to lay than traditional paving, It is SuDS compliant it reduces slippage and puddles. The natural stone is sourced from quarries throughout Europe and the UK.

Resin bound surfacing is not just an ideal choice for driveways, it can also be used to create stunning bespoke pathways and patio areas, as well as steps and borders. 

Resin bound surfacing is incredibly hard-wearing, and as the finishing surface is smooth, it makes it an ideal surface for areas where children might play. Another child-friendly alternative to resin for children's play areas is rubber crumb, which reduces the risk of injury when children fall.

The resin bound surfacing is permeable to air and water which makes it a sustainable urban drainage option. Meaning water will filter down into the soil below and not pool on the surface, making the surface responsive to quick drying times while also protecting the environment. Resin can withstand extremes of temperature - both hot and cold meaning it is weather-resistant.


Patios, paths, and borders can be transformed as resin bound surfacing is so versatile. Resin low maintenance and comes with a full ten-year guarantee. You can trust the Resin Install to do a thorough job as we do not subcontract and only use our skilled workforce so you can rest assured that fully qualified operatives will undertake all works.

Some other benefits are listed below


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What's the Catch?

It's almost impossible to think of any significant downsides. Resin is durable, high quality and eco-friendly material, that performs well in both cold and hot environments making it especially suitable for the UK with the weather we experience.

It cannot be installed when the temperature is very high as the material would set too quickly. But this is rarely a problem we face in the UK. However, the wet weather can be problematic as resin must be laid on dry ground. 

Compared to other surface options, you will pay more than you would for laying shingle or the popular block paving resin mixes are more expensive. However, when comparing costs, it's crucial to remember that a resin bound driveway does not require planning permission, the surface is very durable and low maintenance. It's not a cheap option, but considering all factors, it often proves to be excellent value for money.

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