Resin Driveways in Harrogate   

Resin drives Harrogate will enhance your property.

Is your Harrogate drive or patio starting to look tired and neglected? Here at Resin Install, we specialise in driveway or patio resin surfaces. Resin bound surfacing is becoming one of the most common resurfacing techniques used mainly because of its vast benefits from other surfaces.

With a variety of colours and designs on offer with also the possibility of a one day installation time, you can remodel your outdoor surface at a moderate figure. Resin bound aggregate is usually used on an overlay surface if your existing surface is fit for purpose; Resin overlays in Harrogate can save a lot of money by not having to remove your current surface.

Here at Resin Install we only use UV resistant resins that will protect your surface for colour fading and colour change. Our suppliers will give you a lifetime guarantee to ensure peace of mind that you're choosing a resin that offers zero degradation in colour. This is a crucial factor to look out for when opting for a resin bound contractor in Harrogate. We are a vetted and checked company by many trades reviewing websites such as Check a trade. Call today for your free survey and quotation.

We are one of Harrogates only specialist resin driveway companies.

We are proud of being the Norths leaders in a hugely competitive business, we have made sure that our rates are competitive by having a close eye on our competition so you can rest reassured in acknowledging that your new Harrogate resin driveway, patio, path or carpark is being designed and constructed by specialists at competing prices. Feel free to read our guide on how much does a Resin Driveway cost. (Click Here)


With resin bound gravel being  Eco-friendly by being highly porous allowing water to flow through this means there is no planning permission needed as it is SUD’s complaint.

This, in turn, will make your Harrogate driveway, path or patio puddle free! With a mixture of over 50 colour blends available, we can completely transform your chosen area to satisfy your needs giving your property fantastic kerb appeal!

If you’re looking for a driveway surfacing solution that is a cut above the rest then look no more, Resin drives Harrogate are so much more stylish than boring old tarmac, consider the fantastic aesthetic and practical advantages of a resin-bound naturally sourced mix of gravel, quartz or crushed marble mixed with Industrial grade UV polyurethane resin.

Save money with a new Resin Driveway  overlay in Harrogate.

Among the many benefits of a resin driveway, path or patio. One of the main advantages of having a resin driveway installed in Harrogate is the option to resin bound overlay your existing surface. Your current tarmac or concrete must be in a structurally sound state if so this method can reduce the cost of your new resin driveway up to 50% opposed to taking up your former driveway, patio or path and installing a new sub-base. You save money, time and mess by not having to install a brand new sub-base. With a resin overlay in Harrogate, our teams can fit the resin bound directly onto your existing surface at a depth of 18 to 20mm. Our teams can usually complete a resin overlay in just one day, and you can enjoy your gorgeous new resin drive, path or patio only 24 hours later. We have put time and effort into a page dedicated to Resin-bound overlays (Clicking here) or see our teams installing a Resin Driveway overlay in our portfolio video section, (Click here)

Resin Drives, Paths and Patios in Harrogate, Cheshire

Driveways and patios are some of the essential components of any home. They add beauty, serenity and style to the building making it interesting. Harrogate is home to some of the most impressive homes and driveways you could find anywhere in the UK. Some homeowners have gone out of their way and made superb driveways, and for some residents, it can be somewhat a competition. At Resin Install, Harrogate, we understand that grand entrances not only add to the attraction of the house but also give a gracious welcome to guests.

When contemplating about having a resin driveway path or patio at your Harrogate home or business, there are many factors to consider: strength, price and style of the driveway, and ease and speed of application amongst others. Having all this in mind, a resin bound driveway is the ideal candidate. They are fashionable. Amazingly interesting, tender and uplifting. Do you want an entrance different to anyone else, then our team at Resin Install can design a one of a kind entrance?

Resin bound driveways are a combination of dried gravel or marble bound in a transparent UV stable polyurethane resin. The resin mix gives a smooth, seamless surface for your driveway, path or patio. It is porous which let’s water flow through to dodge flooding but is also sturdy enough to resist cracking. Many homeowners and designers are going for this surfacing choice now. To get the most out of your resin bound driveway; you need a qualified expert in Harrogate to advise you on the style, type and costs of the resin driveway that is most fitting for your house entrance or garden.

Resin driveways have some outstanding qualities that not many other driveway paving options can boast about. If you are looking for a firm capable of installing resin driveways correctly and with confidence in Harrogate consider the Resin Install team who has well over ten years experience proven to work on large projects with no problems.

There are other examples of driveways available such as tarmac driveways, gravel driveways, concrete driveways among others. All these driveways have their benefits and drawbacks. However, no other surface option compares to the package that resin driveway has to give.

With this in mind, you will save money, enjoy value, performance and one of a kind woww factor designs. It certainly does not get much better than that. Why not have the pleasure of owning one of the best driveways Harrogate has to offer.

Every one of our Harrogate Resin driveways, Paths, Patios and Carparks come with a full ten year guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Harrogate Cost-Friendly Resin Driveways, paths and patios.

If you are on the lookout for a trusted Resin driveway Surfacing company, then Resin Install is unmistakably for you. We are a known and esteemed company based in Lancashire, but operating everywhere in the North and beyond. We travel the whole of the UK and also Europe for Trade, commercial subcontract resin projects.

We are a well-equipped workforce and can undertake and design a Resin Drive, Path or Patio in Harrogate. We provide excellent craftsmanship and skill to guarantee you get the best-installed resin surface achievable.

Our ethical business practices and the ever-growing number of satisfied clients has gained us the title of the go-to company for 1000s of domestic and commercial customers over the years and have installed resin driveways on behalf of Harrogate based companies. See what people have to say about us on our review page (Click Here) or see our Check a trade and google pages.

Use our services, and you will have the reassurance of contracting a company that is one of the best-known resin surfacing specialists who are notably experienced in creating attractive, hard wearing and long lasting resin driveways in Harrogate.

We believe that our rates are the most competitive in the UK, our buying structure means that our material prices are considerably moderate than most other firms and we pass those profits on to you, our customer.  With free quotes with indeed no obligation, please allow us the opportunity to prove the excellence of our products along with the value of our pricing and customer service. Contact Resin Install today for your Resin driveway in Harrogate.

Are you looking for Resin driveway in Harrrogate?

Look no more you have come to the best place, scan our webpage for all the information you need, our specialist installs teams have put 100s of hours into producing the best resin bound website for the UK its crammed full of valuable data to help you decide on Resin-bound as your preferred surface. We don’t only offer resin bound surfaces, our team and partners have broad expertise in, Groundwork’s, Drainage, Tarmacking, Blockwork, Landscaping, Garden design, Artificial grass, rubber safety flooring, and more. There is zero the Resin Install team can't handle. Our in-house trained staff still undertakes any extra services so you don’t have to go to third parties for separate jobs everything can be controlled in one place. See our Portfolio page to see some of the incredible projects our resin driveway teams have built, and there are 100s to browse over.

Resin bound Driveways in Harrogate are used to provide a perfectly smooth seamless surface which is ideal if you are contemplating having a new driveway, path or patio installed. It is just another great way of getting the result you want but without having dull old paving options. Resin bound is made up of natural stones that can come in a mixture of different colours that look fabulous, our teams will match with any brickwork you may have if required.

Resin drives are a great choice to tarmac, Concrete or block paving your paths and driveway. It is low maintenance and a very cost effective solution all around.

Have a look at some of our recent Resin Driveway Projects.

How to Install Resin Bound Gravel in Harrogate

If you are curious about how to fit this surfacing type, please have a look at our basic step by step guide or see our video gallery:

1. Prepare the area (resin-bound can be installed over concrete or tarmac. Stone sub bases will need to have tarmac or concrete established as part of a sub base.

2. Fix edging where required (this surfacing type needs an edge to lay up to 15mm to 18mm lip at the minimum)

3. Our team then mix the stone aggregate with the specialist polyurethane resin in a 120L upright mixer made especially for the job.

4. We then pour the mixture into a screed sledge and pull to create a layer ready to screed and then finished by hand trowel with qualified technicians.

Seems simple but years of experience and 10s of thousands of sq. Meters is essential to the perfect installation. 

For more information about the resin-bound gravel look through our info-packed website or please get in touch with one of our specialists, we are always happy to help, 0800 7723586 / 01254 492043 or Simply fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you with more details on the installation and the costs involved.

Some facts and must sees in Harrogate

Harrogate is a Victorian spa town and country district that contains the medieval city of Ripon, a designated Area of Exceptional Natural Beauty and four beautiful but very unusual market towns; Boroughbridge, Knaresborough, Masham and Pateley Bridge

In the centre of Yorkshire this is your ideal base for a day, a weekend or a week.  Pamper your passions and your senses and visit Harrogate for a great break.

The Royal Pump Room is a Grade II* registered building in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Now it houses the town's museum – run by the Harrogate Borough Council. It was formerly a spa water pump house

Harrogate Turkish Baths remain the flagship spa activity for Harrogate, giving conventional treatments in unique Victorian surroundings.

The original Turkish Baths Harrogate was only one of a large number of facilities possible, including medicinal waters’ dispensary, hydrotherapy areas, mud baths and steam rooms.

Harrogate is home to the popular are ever growing Agricultural show site staging major annual livestock, machinery, rural pursuits and food festival.

Valley Gardens in Harrogate has a beautiful park with colourful seasonal flower displays, skate park, kids' playground, and Art Deco pavilion. this is a must see